Writers Are Clever

Writers are clever;
Writers are never satisfied;
Writers have power,
Can tower over those who don’t know
What they’re talking about.

Writers have a gift,
When we need a lift,
Or there’s a rift,
Or we need to sift
What’s right from wrong for us:
There’s always a word.

Writers are not always heard;
Writers are not always right;
Writers have always been mightier
Than those who wield the sword:
Remember your history?

So can you afford
To ignore what is written
By sage or by lord?
But writers are often ignored;
Is that because greed
Takes precedence over truth?

Writers have played a significant part
In shaping the world we know;
Shakespeare; Confucius, Plato;
And what about old Granddad Joe?
Who thrilled his two grandchildren,
Sophie and Alec,
With homemade adventures
Of pirates and monsters
And journeys fantastic!

So ?
Can you be a writer
And change the world too?
For greater? For smaller?
Or just maybe for you?

Poem by Peter Caton © 2017