All There Is

All there is, in broad estuary
afforded to the Irish Sea
fresh water flows, beyond the Dee
As it runs and swirls out past Hilbre

As a paradise is left behind
as stillness fills in unconfined.
as beach and Island strollers find
a tranquil beauty, peace of mind

As everything in our estuary
is afforded to an Irish Sea
As the water pours into her brack
And as nourished flow finds its way back

As cliffs define its golden shore
enclosing seal, bird, sail and oar.
They combine in serene rapport
A peace that leaves you wanting more

As seabirds fill its open skies
Breeze filled with their shrieks and cries
As its Ozone refreshes city air
As sanguine unfilled silence brings
sustainable welfare

Poem by Barry Quatermass © 2019