A collection of links to other creative work produced by members of our group: Events around Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Book-signing events –  Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Competitions –  Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Tools –  Links to useful online resources:Read More →

Onomatopoeia Whether you aspire to be a professional scribe, Or enjoy a poetic diatribe, If alliteration gives you giggles and goosebumps, Or onomatopoeia makes your heart go thumpety-thump, Come and give Riverside Writers a try, Horror, comedy, romance or sci-fi, Start a story and see how it ends, Either way you’ll make some great new friends. Poem by Keith Dodd © 2017Read More →

Writers Are Clever Writers are clever; Writers are never satisfied; Writers have power, Can tower over those who don’t know What they’re talking about. Writers have a gift, When we need a lift, Or there’s a rift, Or we need to sift What’s right from wrong for us: There’s always a word. Writers are not always heard; Writers are not always right; Writers have always been mightier Than those who wield the sword: Remember your history? So can you afford To ignore what is written By sage or by lord? But writers are often ignored; Is that because greed Takes precedence over truth? Writers haveRead More →

Wind Rushes Through You look directly Into the lens And what passes For a nation’s soul, Between the ad breaks Attention spans online, The toll behind each scroll. Your eyes ask why The place you call home Isn’t prepared to pay To treat the timebomb inside you Thats ticktocking Your days away. Your flat is TV-tidy, Towels folded by the sink. Behind you sits a box of tea, Leaves picked painstakingly In a long-lost colony. The fabric of truth is stretched Like a blanket too small For a bed you didn’t make And can’t sleep in For fears of arrears, Whispers of peers, Being turfedRead More →