City Stories: Tales of modern Liverpool Published 2013 ISBN: 9781310916939 Love, terror and 21st century life! From the heart of cosmopolitan Liverpool come nine thrilling views of modern living. Blood-drinkers, killers and secrets. Old sorrows and new beginnings. The light and dark of human life set against the glittering backdrop of a reinvigorated city. City Stories. Tales of life today. Pick up your FREE copy here!Read More →

Seaside Stories: Tales of Modern Liverpool Published 2012 ISBN: 9781301150069 Romance, heartache, treachery and death! Eighteen stories and poems inspired by the sea, from a group of imaginative writers who live surrounded by water on the Wirral peninsula in England.   Featuring: Tim Hulme Andy Siddle Peter Caton Nikki Bennett Ruth Ann Titley Adele Cosgrove-Bray   Pick up your FREE copy here!  Read More →

A collection of links to other creative work produced by members of our group: Events around Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Book-signing events –  Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Competitions –  Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Tools –  Links to useful online resources:Read More →